Health iCompanion

Health iCompanion is an application that allows you to manage and recover your health statistics and your heart rate as heart rate, step counter, distance in meters and miles, kcal. This application use the HealthKit of Apple to manage your health datas.

In this health management application, you have the opportunity to manage your health data with scientific diagrams to see your step counter, distance, kcal your heart rate data: to have a global vision of your health.

Ability to track your physical activity and your cardiac data with the iWatch module during your day, you follow your performance in steps and your personal heart rate on a map: your step counter and your heart rate are visible on your iPhone with the Apple card .

The card full of cardiac data and kcal is very interesting for cardio training. Includes the ability to manage your water consumption with customizable notification and complete water consumption chart.

Ability to switch to health datas statistics or device metrics statistics.

See you ECG Electrogramm on your Apple iPhone for the day, week and the month.

Include the Apple iWatch application with your counter of steps and the register of your heart rate in your private personal iCloud storage.


Paperless, No use of paper, very concerned about the environment we are committed not to use paper