Graphic Design Solutions

GENUISOFT develops and provides numerous software programs to help designers create graphics for websites, social networks or software.



Pixel Creator


Software to manage and create any image with pixels
precision, very nice tool to create your artistic image. ideal tools to help you create, for example, your NFT creations

NFT Creator


NFT Creator is software that allows you to create and design
your artistic image creation. It provides as output all image creation possibilities, you can merge any image to create a complete NFT image with a description in the NFT




A web application write with React JS to manage and create your image creation with the help of an Artificial Intelligence. Create a free account with 20 credits offers, you are the possibility to buy additional credits. 


Link :

Compatibility and verified with the last version of Windows 10 / 11

* Microsoft Office is not include in this suite of softwares but its not require to run but its optimize with Office. GenuiSoft is partner of Microsoft and Apple with applications available in Store.



Paperless, No use of paper, very concerned about the environment we are committed not to use paper